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Best Cell Phone Plans for Family

Family Plans No Contract Wireless 4GBest Cell Phone Plans for Family, by far my new relationship with Solavei is going to be a lasting relationship. No more jumping from cell phone plan to cell phone plan. My experience of opening my package and placing a new sim card from Solavei into my Google Nexus will be a memorable day, for me.

I was so excited and jittery, I had to call my friend, who introduced this fantastic non contract mobile wireless service, to assist me on the installation.  Watching my mobile phone kick in and start tethering was a new experience. My old cell phone I had before did not have tethering abilities and now my Google Nexus does  have tethering, BUT my prepaid wireless plan did not allow tethering with its data plan. (FAIL)

Working my family into the program will benefit our household in different ways.

First, lowering our monthly cost. The pain aching view of a bill is always in the horizon and if you have a large family, trying to settle the matter of who gets what, among kids is the task at hand.

Teenagers are now almost always in the market for their fist mobile phone. Text and surfing are as natural as breathing, it seems. My oldest daughter has a birthday coming up. While she did lose her last cell phone, I think she has payed the price for doing with out.

Youngsters younger than teens, yes you know it! Now they are even on the prowl for wireless phones and devices. My 9 year old will ask me weekly, “Dad when can I get a cell phone?”   Many of her class mates at school already have mobile phones, either prepaid or in a family plan.

3 Year Old? Toddlers, you say? Well my three year old is now capable of turning on the power, navigating to a particular screen, selecting a group button of apps, then choosing a specific app for his entertainment.  Angry Birds on my Google Nexus is “father and son time.” I am waiting for my first email from Google Play stating he has made his first online purchase. Enough Said.

Husband vs. Wife … Have you been in the situation of having a better cell phone, better cell phone plan, with a bigger data plan than your spouse? I am there right now. So I best plan to set my wife up with the mobile wireless service by Solavei.

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